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Fascinated By Cars - We Are Too

Hi my Name is Rick Manson I have loved vehicles like all red blooded males since I was 6 years old, I have a passion for engines and anything automotive.  My first real automotive passion was my motorbike a honda cb100 with 11 screaming horsepower at 10,500 revs at the pimply age of 15.  It was great at school I was the only one with a real motorbike, and the girls seemed to like it too.  As I spent time on my bike I also got very interested in how everything worked – from engines, suspension, chassis, electrical systems & fuel, my desire to see how things worked led to an insatiable curiosity about anything automotive. So I progressed from bikes to cars (1st car was a mark11 cortina with a worked 1600cc engine and a rejigged gear change – column to floor, with stuffed steering arm bearings, fuel economy was 17l/100ks), to a Toyota Supra twin turbo – to Isuzu Bighorn (you can see I was domesticated by now).  

My wife Asami is from Osaka Japan and also shares a love of Japanese motorbikes and cars as well.  She has worked in Toyota dealerships in all capacities, and has been instrumental in setting up our various businesses both here and in Japan.

We got married here in New Zealand and everyone joked that we should import Japanese cars as my wife could speak the lingo. After living in Japan for 3 years we got to see first hand the car market and what a very small percentage of cars could be imported to New Zealand, and how poorly maintained vehicles were.  Most Japanese residents think cleaning their vehicles with a good wax polish is all that is required, many Japanese vehicles have never seen an oil change after the last factory service.  If we were going to do this we would do it right!!  So we went about developing what we think is the best value solution for buying Japanese cars in New Zealand.